Monday, January 28, 2013

சுகி சிவம் - சிந்தனை முத்துக்கள்

Sri Suki Sivam is a popular scholar in Tamil.  His religious and philosophical speeches are famous among Tamil Hindus. He is hosting a TV show ‘Indha naal iniya naal’ in Sun TV.
He has written numerous novellas and is highly regarded in India.
His popularity has also spread to other countries like Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand. Furthermore, his speeches and television shows, like the above-mentioned ‘Indha naal iniya naal’, are screened on a daily basis in countries such as Singapore (Sun TV) and Malaysia.
Apart from being an excellent writer, he is also an exceedingly eloquent orator. With use of hand gestures and captivating analogies, his speeches strike an instant rapport with listeners.
He was awarded the Kalaimamanni award by the Indian state government for his great contributions towards Tamil literature.
He has authored books in tamil; Vaazhthal Oru Kalai (Living is an art) and others. He takes his speeches from different resources and makes them good analogies. The book Vaazhthal Oru Kalai, speeks of similar lines to ” The Power of Now”, by Eckhart Tole, though not as different and subjective as the later. He speaks of as how to lead a better life, by having our own ideologies and principle.


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